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Accessible illustrated books
Innovative enterprise
Teenagers with blindness and visual impairments are illustrating books
for all children including children with special needs

The reading experience of a children's book consists of two equally important elements: the written text and the illustration that complement it. The books available today allow such a complete experience only for some of the children. Others undergo a partial experience because they cannot enjoy the illustrations.
The new project will enable an experience of pleasure from a story or a poem for all children, including children with physical, by making the books accessible to them. In addition, the project will provide an opportunity for blind and visually impaired children to contribute to the community by creating illustrations that can be touched (illustrations will be produced in a special workshop).
The activity will include the production of illustrated children's books accessible to all children, and an exhibition in which the books and the documentation of the process will be presented.

The Workshop:
The children will work on processes that develop creativity, will create artwork and will be exposed to digital technologies - 3D printing and laser cutting.
This annual workshop aims to create illustrated books adapted to the needs of all children, since it will be possible to experience reading also through tactile 3D images and through 3D prints.
It is a process of transition from reading or hearing a text and understanding it, through the creation of related images to text, to an artistic endeavor: the construction of 3D models. We will try to transfer the 3D models, using digital technology, to 3D prints (with or without sensors that upgrade the tactile experience) that will be added to the books.
The workshop will be attended by students from the Jewish Institute for the Blind in Jerusalem and members from the "Yachad" youth program of the same institute. The program brings together blind and visually impaired youth integrated into regular education systems from all over the country.
The workshop is an annual project that will begin in October 2018. It will be held in the art classes of the Jewish Institute for the Blind, in the afternoons once every two weeks.

Participants in the project:
The Jewish Institute for Blind, Jerusalem
Zamid Great Baka Community Center, Jerusalem,
Tamy Porath, book artist,
Hodaya Cohen Nehemiah, art teacher.
Ortal Machluf, assistant
Avichail Ben Abu, assistant
Elior Barda, Avishay Abrahmoff, Meir Shachor, Shmuel Tehrani' Roni Ochayun, Miri Friedman, Hodaya Yehezkel.
Veronica Ellran, producer of the "Sense the Art" project, within which framework the Illustrated Books initiative is developed.

The Exhibition:
At the end of the workshop, an ambulant exhibition will be opened, where the illustrated books will be available to the public. Children will enjoy a complete reading experience. In addition, documentation of the work of students with blindness and visual impairments will be exhibited to the public.

Veronica Ellran, artist, promoter and producer of the project "Sense the Art", www.veronicametalart.co.il veronica@ellran.com
Hedva Kahlon, Director of Population Services, Great Baka Community Council, Jerusalem
Rachel Skrobish, Jewish Institute for the Blind, Jerusalem

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