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Art & About Israeli Worldwide Exhibition 10.9.2014 15.9.2014 Munich Germany
Art & About - Israeli Woldwide Exhibition
Art & About is a new artistic project from the production house of Lee-Mor Kohen. The vision of an extensive exhibition of Israeli art in Europe was born due to many years of working in the Israeli art scene and to the recognition of the need to break the local boundaries. The city of Munich in Germany was chosen because it being a metropolis and being considered a vibrant cultural and art center.

Lee-Mor Kohen says:
There is a complex relationship between a work of art and the art market. Every artist reaches the crossroad where he has to choose a path which will allow him to create quality art with no compromises and at the same time to make a living. A path which will bridge between the studio work itself and the need to introduce the art work to an audience. This phase may prove to be problematic seeing as it requires a different way of thinking- sometimes even contradicting- when creating a piece.
This process of taking ones art to the outside world arises many questions such as where should one present his work, how does one choose a curator, what is an appropriate selling price and should one work with a gallery or not.
A review of the art field and the powers working within it teaches of a conservative state of affairs, one which originates in the patron-artist and artist-academy relationships.
In recent years there has been a change in this state of affairs due to the rise in art fairs.
Even though art fairs have their disadvantages, like a lack of a critical and subversive aspect or a lack of context, it is still safe to say that art fairs have become the hottest arena where artists can be discovered, get exposure and earn real profit.
Art & About will try and undo the above dichotomy between quality of art and commercial success. Participating artists will get an attractive and appropriate stage for their piece, including high standards of finish and display. Our aim is to flood the visiting audience with artistic abundance which will include additional values of meeting, discourse, lectures, special projects, media coverage and a festive and up market atmosphere.
There is a dominant political discourse about Israel in the world. Our aim is to expose the art enthusiast public, the collectors and other power centers to a different side of Israel, one which they are unfamiliar with. There is a growing presence and popularity of Israeli art in the international art scene. More and more artists are showing their pieces and breaking into the center of the international art scene, whether independently or via art galleries. Even though, there are still plenty of factors which make it hard for Israeli artists to get a break in the international art scene, such as high costs, language barrier and other difficulties which prevent artists from taking the risk. Saying that, alongside the risk lays the possibility of exposure and financial profit.
At the core of the show are the works of art of each and every artist. The art works themselves will tell our local story, with its abundance of view points and sub-narratives. The meeting between the art works and the European audience may give birth to new and fresh interpretations and thus inspire an art related dialogue which is cross-cultural, as well as a dialogue on political and historical aspects rooted deep in both nation's political discourses.

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