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Access Israel's 7th International Conference on The "Future of Accessibility"

Culture for All,
The Sense the Art Project
The pillar on which the project Sense the Art is based on is the belief that culture is for all.
As the founder and producer of this project, I have been working in two parallel directions:
one making art accessible to all, including the blind and the population with view impairments as consumers of art, and the other, making art accessible to all as art makers.

Four accessible amazing exhibitions were open in different cities in the country -Tel Aviv, Herzlya and Beer Sheba.
Two innovative art workshops accessible to blind children and youngsters were held.
The first (2015-6) - a digital art workshop for children where they learned about digital technologies as 3D printing & laser cutting.
The second (2018-9) - an art workshop in which the participants created the art works that will be the base for the tactile illustrations for three accessible children books that we intend to publish this year.

I am happy to inform that for the first time in Israel the subject of accessible art exhibitions in galleries is presented. Maybe this will be the inauguration of a new era, where the blind and visually impaired population will enjoy art as all the rest of the population.
I have been invited to present this subject in the VII Access Israel International Convention in Israel.




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