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Born in Colombia, Veronica lives and works in

Daughter of European parents who immigrated to
Colombia and then to Israel.
Since her childhood she has been exposed to
different cultures:
Eastern European-Jewish culture, French culture,
Latin South American and Middle Eastern Israeli
This exposure has sharpened her ability to observe
details, to identify and distinguish between them;
to respect the existence of the different.
It has taught her to live in a rich world consisting
of a collection of details that differ from each other.
In her view of the world, Veronica moves in
two opposite directions:
on the one hand, she seeks the difference in the
details, assessing and describing them, and on the
other she searches for commonalities, that is
to say, she searches for universality.
Thus, difference gives the world beauty, and
universality provides harmony.

Member of:
The Profesional Visual Artists Association, Israel
Herzliya Artists org.
Israel Designers Craftmen's Association
World Crafts Council Europe.
IAA International Association of Art.

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