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In 2002 the "Pladot Art Studio" was established in Tel Aviv, the place where I produce and teach sculpture.
Iron sculpture classes are conducted in small groups of three trainees, in courses of four hours a week.

It should be mentioned that, in spite of the masculine image of iron work, women also come to learn at the Studio. Despite the aggressiveness of iron work tools, they can be used to create delicate works in all sizes.

Every now and then, the Studio transforms into a gallery and hosts group exhibitions of student works.

About my art and creations

My artistic process begins by almost obsessively observing the magical world of the small bodies of nature.
It is an attempt to isolate the primary elements and identify their order so as to understand how shape is composed. This complexity is the source of inspiration for my work.
My works are often reminiscent of natural forms.
My work process is similar to the process of creation in nature.
The figures build slowly, step by step, until the complete development of shape, that is, until I get to the shape I want to perpetuate.

This is not duplication of existing objects, but a product of my imagination, inspired by the textures and shapes of nature.

Different metals have different characteristics, and they are treated in different ways. I use them all as raw materials for my creative needs.
Recently I began incorporating iron in my jewelry and other materials, such as paper, cloth and plastic, in my iron sculptures.
I use silver, gold and very fine wires for my small pieces, and iron for construction of my larger works.

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