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Hey Babe 10/2010
"Hey Babe" up-to-date aspects of feminism

The project Hey Babe will be presented starting March 19 2010, at Ein hod Gallery in Ein Hod Village, then at the Renanim Mall in Ra'anana, then at Kryion in Kiryat Bialik and at Ramat Aviv Mall in Tel Aviv. In this project I present a doll I created. In womens struggle for a better place in society, and in their struggle to be released from patriarchal authority, they enlist not only their intelligence but their bodies and sexuality as well.
This process led to the objectification of the female body. In many cases it has even led to the branding and marketing of the body and sexuality.
On the one hand, this phenomenon has led to womens empowerment, and on the other it has contributed greatly to the weakening of women.
The sculpture "Woman Doll" is a representation of that same woman - an object, banal, without personality, ageless, hidden under the armor of minimalist and revealing clothing that emphasizes her

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