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International Art Show, 10-15 Sept. 2014
I am happy to inform that I will be participating in this International Art Show that will take place in Munich, 10-15 Sept.2014

My last 4 sculptures are going to be on show.
A different dialogue between materials is present in every single piece.
To enable the iron to appear without its daily iron features, I decided to use other materials with contrasting characteristics, such as: brown paper, grease-proof paper and fabric. When combined with them, iron appears as a soft and easy material for processing, full of life and movement, while its strength and durability are preserved in the finished work: The total of components is greater than its parts.
The contrast and the characteristics of every material is emphasized altough the whole appears harmonious.

The combination of iron, fabric and paper of different kinds, is seemingly, a prohibition of mixing two different genders. Delicate paper complements the construction iron, sometimes rusty. Complement of materials perceived as contradictory due to their materialness and processing method.

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