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Launch of the paper artists book
The launch event of the Israeli paper artists book will take place at 19:30 on Thursday. The book contains works in which I combined paper and iron. The event will be held at the Primitive Gallery, 77 Yehuda Halevi Street, Tel Aviv.

New Book The Magic of Paper / Yael Nitzan

Published by: ARTCOMM
Price: 128 NIS
Production: Lily Nativ
Design: Studio Karen Dennis
The artists in the book are:
Estee Even Tov, Frida Elena Abramsky, Naama Aharonson, Yael Or, Hannah (Anitz'ka) Oren, Gila Eilati, Bracha Elhasid Grumer, Hannah Altaretz, Veronica Ellran, Oriana Eclair, Svetlana Éclair, Lora Bachar, Nava Blum, Liat Biniamini Ariel, Yael Ben Zvi, Ziva Ginsburg, Ramit Doron, Tirtza Valentine, Amira Haviv, Ahuva Hazan, Orna Hatzor, Revital Hakim Strichman, Estee Taylor, Esther Cohen, Gita Carmel, Ora Lahav - Shaltiel, Guy Lugashi, Sally Levin Bar, Audrey Lyman, Ginat Liran, Maly Miller, Tiva Nof, Lily Nativ, Avi Sevilla, Miri Sela, Vered Otmi, Ofra Porat, Lior Kesem-Hamama, Amira Rudi, Lucy Rave, Shelly Shorek, Galit Steinberg - Mordov, the late Joyce Schmidt.

There is certain magic in creating an object that is strong, resistant, hard, and of impressive physical presence, made of thin, soft, weak and perishable material like paper. The challenge of overcoming this paradox enriches and encourages creativity. There is also charm and humor, deception and surprise of the observer. Paper works are always much lighter than their expected weight. Besides, this is an endless process of testing the material's potential abilities, while allowing the imagination to run wild with endless creativity and pure pleasure both from the process and from the finished products, describes Naama Aronson, one of the 43 artists participating in the Israeli paper artists book.

I have been fascinated for a long time by paper art in all its aspects, both in Israel and abroad, and get excited by the encounter with artists and their fascinating works. In the conversations I had with these artists I've learned that they find in paper a material that has inherent creative possibilities which are limitless. Some of them say they actually fell in love with paper and found in it the most appropriate medium for self expression. For this reason I chose to introduce in the book not only works but also the point of view, thoughts and unique statement of each of them - whatever they thought appropriate to contribute to the book. The book has plenty of photographs and explanations regarding various techniques and paper processing methods.
The book gives information regarding specific artists workshops, and much more.
Yael Nitzan

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