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Art in Nature - "Twix Sea and Land" & "In the Desert"
"Art in Nature" project - Between Sea and land - Newspaper pages

In Dor Beach (Tantura), I met with eleven women artists and one mentor, with the purpose of promoting the "Art in Nature" project, and to set up works of art that grow out of the environment and integrate into it.
As a preparation for understanding the project, we were asked by the supervisor, Ludwig Ott, an environmental art expert from Germany, to look around, explore nature with keen perception, diagnose and choose the design elements out of it.
The selected location is a piece of spectacular wild coast, rich with dry vegetation, seaweed, rocks, coarse sandstone rocks, shells, shellfish and sand. It is also abundant with pottery shards and glass, paper and rusted scrap metal, plastic containers, garbage and trash, alongside the remains of human culture and ancient civilization. The ideas for the creation of the works emerged from the landscape (the line between the sea and the land), and from the materials available there. Many of the works were created using local materials, but some of the artists brought with them materials that can be integrated into the environment.
Under Ludwig's guidance, every artist navigated her own unique path.
Thus, the work "The Wind" was created.
"Art in Nature" project - Between Sea and land - Newspaper pages, Paper Cones
Two elements were combined for the composition.
First: folded newspaper pages, partially buried in the sand, on a lofty mound on the beach, moving and dancing to the rhythm of the wind.
The pages are arranged in an arc, formed in parallel lines, as a reference to the wind signs embedded in the sand.
It was a sketch, a small model of a work that tries to emphasize the motion of the wind.
In the constant movement of the pages the power of the wind beat is noticeable.

Second: nearby, facing the pages moving with the wind, paper cones stand firm like sandstone rocks in the landscape, with their edges swaying in a restrained motion.
Here the restricted motion is emphasized, as is the power of the landscape against the strength of the wind. The cones stand firm, and only their tips sway in the wind, just like sandstone rocks standing firm, with only their edges eroded.
My aspiration was to design an artificial landscape which is entirely incorporated within the natural landscape, to emphasize the presence of the wind.
"Art in Nature project - In the Desert
Hosted by artist Ludwig Ott

Inspiration in the Desert
I went to a second workshop. This time in the Negev, in the Sde Boker region, and the chosen place was Nahal Havarim (not a nature reserve). This workshop was also conducted by guided by environmental art expert, artist Ludwig Ott.
The goal was to create art with existing on-site materials, such as natural materials, with consideration and respect for nature, as well as the junk thrown on the ground. At first glance the place looks arid and monotonous, but after a thorough observation we discover very rare flora, small animals that inhabit the area, the unique topography of the area and the landscapes pastel colors.
The wildness of the desert (similar to the seashore), is a "playground" for the wind. It has enormous strength. It shapes the landscape. Here again, I chose to deal with the wind.

The Wind (Desert)

The installation work is a kind of playground apparatus, built for the wind. The wind passes through a groove formed between two walls of stones, playing with the sack cloth edges sticking out from between the stones. Two walls of about one meter height create a funnel-shaped angle.
The installation, built on the mountain, stands out and is built of stones gathered from nearby. Between the stones, inserted wire ends flap in the wind. The wind, by playing with the strings, emphasizes its own existence. The wind was playing tricks while I was working. I was in a constant struggle with it, as I could hardly control the strings to put them in place. Throughout my work I maintained a dialogue and a game between the wind and myself. The creative process is itself an artistic experience.

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