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IMAGINATION 2013 is an Israeli art exhibition, an is also the Israel AIDS Task Force (IATF) annual fundraising event.
The IATF is the only Israeli NGO struggling to prevent the spread of HIV and breaking the stigma surrounding people living with HIV (PLHIV).
The exhibition is one of the most prominent events in the local art scene thanks to the support of Israels best artists.
IMAGINATION 2013 legacy began 14 years ago.
Due to the dire financial situation the IATF was in, the organizations leaders and volunteers seeked a financial source that would prevent it from shutting down. In an extraordinary gesture of good will, Hila and Rani Rahav were the first to step up to the task.
The Rahavs created an artistic green-house aimed at nurturing original Israeli creation. They chose to commemorate IMAGINATION with the everlasting legacy of the late Ms. Leah Rabin.
Ms. Rabin was one of the first to speak about HIV/AIDS awareness publicly in Israel.
As the years passed by the exhibition grew in size. More and more artists were willing to take a stand on the continuing struggle against HIV/AIDS.
There was a need to find a larger location to host the exhibition.
In 2004, HaPoalim Bank opened its doors and since then, every winter, its headquarters building turns into the largest host of Israeli art which the public is invited to enjoy.
This year, we have reached a peak number of works: 800 artworks donated by over 600 artists, spread out over 7 floors.
Due to the lack of proper government funding, organizations such as the IATF, mainly rely on those individuals who care about the future of Israeli society and show so with their kindness and generosity.
This year, some of Israels most prominent artists, as well as upcoming new talents, have shown their support for our cause. To name a few: Yigal Tomarkin, Menashe Kadishman, Sammy D, Natan Elkanovich, Aliza Olmert, Sigalit Landau, Ziv Koren, Ron Kedmi, Leah Nikel, Ofer Lalush, Etti Yaacobi, Ruth Schloss and many more.
Were happy to have you visit this website and thank you for finding our cause worthy of your donation.
Thanks to you support, the IATF will continue to pave the path to better advocacy of HIV/AIDS and to be the safe house for the thousands living with HIV in Israel.
Best wishes
Israel AIDS Task Force
Curator: Lee-More Kohen
Production assistants: Yuval Danieli, Ran Davis

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