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The sculpture "Bereavement" consists of three iron balls which are the three heavy holes wide open in my heart, my soul and my mind, since the loss of Erik, my firstborn son, who was killed in an accident in 1978 and was only 4 years old.

Although the holes are empty, they are heavy and deepen as time goes by. Along with Erik died a part of me and an endless physical pain was caused by the heavy hole that hurts my heart. My soul is continually busy in the struggle against oblivion, struggle that becomes a life experience.

For many years, Erik continued to grow along with his brother: his place at the table, next to me, was preserved. He went to school, got a mobilization order, and was an older brother to his younger brother. He dealt with us during my divorce from his father; together with me, he fell in love with my current husband and even gave his name to his younger sister.

From among the sense of loss of strength and control, after many years, I have finally decided to bury him. I realized that the struggle overwhelmed me and the only thing I can do is embrace the pain as an essential part of my existence, go back and remember Erik as a small child, as he was when he died. Live with longing and especially stop asking "Why?

From among the sense of loss the holes took shape, got a physical presence: Three large, heavy and empty bodies were created. These are the three balls I carry with me, since then, all the time, without a break, even in sleep.

Time does not bring relief, the weight of the holes does not change, but my strengths are declining.

About my art and works

The artistic process begins by almost obsessively observing the magical world of the small bodies of nature.
It is an attempt to isolate the primary elements and identify their order so as to understand how shape is composed. This complexity is the source of inspiration for my work.

My sculptures are often reminiscent of natural forms.

The work process is similar to the process of creation in nature.
The forms build slowly, step by step, until the complete development of shape, that is, until I get to the shape I want to perpetuate.

Material: Iron

Size: 3 units: 47x56x45 cm
45x54x40 cm
48x48x45 cm

Technique: Electric welding

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